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About Us

We are established by a group of shareholders working in the finance sector for Excellence!

CaFEC is a company engaged in capability-building solutions for the financial sector community to enhance the competitiveness of the financial ecosystems in Ethiopia, focusing on building excellence in finance, business, management, and leadership areas.

The principal objectives of  CaFEC include 1) promoting continuous professional development and steering knowledge, skills, and life-long learning through research, education, training, and workshops; 2) being a knowledge hub and data center; 3) initiating, facilitating, and disseminating research and knowledge; and 4) providing a forum for independent and critical thought and informed debate by bringing together sector actors and world-class scholars.

Our Products

We are from the financial sector to produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.

Training & Development

Research & Consultancy

Employment and Onboarding

Resource and Data Center

Software and Application Development

Event Hosting

Work Spaces

We aspire to be the company where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your needs.

Our Contributions

Institutions we serve!

Currently, there are 29 commercial banks and one development bank in Ethiopia. We are open to serving all banks.

We are ready to provide services to all 18 insurance companies and one re-insurance company in Ethiopia.

We are prepared to offer our services to any of Ethiopia’s 40 microfinance institutions.

Do you need help with more accessible solutions for your company? We are experts in the financial sector!

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